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Lone Worker Application

Health and Safety Compliance operational challenges whereby workers are working alone can be solved by the SOS pendant solution or SOS dash-mounted button connected to an EyeZon Tracknology device. 

The operator can press the SOS button on their pendant or belt if they have an emergency situation such as

Once pressed, the tracking device sends the alert to the platform that redirects it via SMS/email to pre-selected recipients and emergency assistance can then be set in place.

This solution satisfies the Work & Health Safety Regulations Model as well as giving the employer and the employees family peace-of-mind that they are in a position to notify someone if there is an emergency.

Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

With our innovative iGoIOT (Internet of Things) products, users can record and monitor water and air temperature as well as humidity for many applications:

There are short and long temp probes to measure ambient temperature or particular pallets.  Our wireless temperature sensors will link to the iGoZing device via RF. Clients can connect many wireless sensors in separate compartments of the container for example.

Fluid Level Monitoring

With the right sensor, you can monitor tank levels and report on the level activity.   Low level / re-fill alerts can be generated to notify recipients that the tank needs replenishing thus saving time in manually checking levels.   This application could apply to:

With the iGoIOT, a self-powered monitoring device, the user can also configure an output to switch on / off a pump linked to the tank.

Driver ID Reporting

Driver behaviour is a very important part of ensuring assets are looked after and safety standards are kept.  By capturing the driver ID, the company can attribute trips, routing, man-hours and driver behaviour to a particular driver. 

This allows the company to:

Time & Attendance

Our Time and Attendance Module is a niche solution on our Telematics platform which is ideally suited to the Construction and Civil's clients looking to attach a user / operator to an asset for the purpose of improved efficiencies. 

The solution captures the operator ID on a console from the time they enter the site, to the assets / equipment they access and use on the site.  The console also prompts the operator for health and safety questions as well as job codes.  From this the supervisor can measure, report and authorise the following:

Secondary Run Hours

Ability to capture a secondary PTO (Power Take Off) reading of hours on hydraulic equipment on a truck.  

This reading can be used to set up service schedules and reminders for auxiliary equipment over and above the ignition duration of the truck itself.

Scheduled Maintenance & Reminders

An important cost saving measure in fleets is preventative maintenance by scheduling and servicing vehicles and equipment punctually before problems can develop with knock-on effects of delays, costs, down-time, and customer service disappointments.

In most cases, the punctual servicing and maintenance of assets using this module covers the ROI of the entire tracking project on its own.

Our specially designed module also helps with things like vehicle and tyre inspections, registration reminders, driver and equipment certifications, as well as providing a pro-active means to order parts in advance at optimum pricing.

SOS Duress

Emergency situations can arise in the field.  EyeZon Tracknology devices can host a SOS duress device and communicate the emergency to the SkyServer platform and onto the intended recipients by SMS / email.

Accessories to offer this functionality will be SOS buttons (dash-mounted), SOS pendants (short and long range), accident and roll-over notifications.

Remote Tracking Solutions

The G100 3G Iridium solution is ideal for reliable tracking of assets / people outside mobile phone coverage areas.  The Iridium modem in the device starts reporting at customer configurable intervals (default is a position every 10 minutes) when out of mobile coverage.  It also reports journey start and end events as well as accident and roll-over alerts.  

OHS requirements for Lone or Remote Workers such as location, communication, duress, breakdown and response are essential compliance and good corporate responsibility drivers.  Features include: 

Beehive Monitoring

A recent increased demand in honey globally has brought about theft related issues of hives and honey.  

With the iGoIOT unit or a custom designed solution for theft and monitoring of Agricultural equipment, the user is not only able to detect theft, but the vital health signs of the hive itself with these battery powered devices.

Some features and benefits from this innovative solution are the ability to:

Connectivity is the key too as these hives are often in remote areas.  

We offer the following platforms giving the client great flexibility: